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Obtaining grants for investments, infrastructure and training. Preparing applications forms, feasibility studies, business plans, development strategies for municipalities. Financing projects for local governments and businesses.

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PHIN anniversary

We are very glad to inform you that PHIN has been on the market for 10 years. This is really special anniversary for us. We are present in four European markets and we have obtained for our clients more than 150 000 000 euro. Thank you for being with us!...


EU Funds Consulting

Do you want to develop your business? European funds are just the opportunity you need! We help you get them....


Project’s Preparation

We come to your aid by helping you in choosing the right program for your project. Afterwards we draft the necessary documentation and submit it to the authority that manages the program. ...


Project’s Implementation

We support the implementation of the project so you can enjoy the results of your project....


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2014-06-26 12:14

As a Polish company with a representative office in Croatia, we have the necessary experience in the preparation of tender documentation. Employees of our office in Croatia have experience of working on preparation of tender documents for the companies as well as for individual clients.

In Croatia:

We have been granted a mobility project from Erasmus+ 2014 program, Key activity 1, education of adults. Goal of this measure is to build capacity of company employees, and to transfer Best practices from Poland to Croatia in relation to EU funded projects. In total there are two visits planned of employees from Croatia to Poland, where they will be introduced with EU funded projects in municipalities (mostly concerning regional development), participate at workshops and job shadowing. Project will result in increased capabilities for our employees in Croatia to prepare trainings aimed at representatives of local municipalities and unemployed people (high unemployment is key issue in Croatia).

We prepared an application documentation for the company “Uniline” from tourism industry, which employs 200 staff and has an annual turnover in excess of 37 million EUR

We prepared an application documentation for tender “Entrepreneurial impulse” which was published by Croatian Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Crafts in february 2014

In Poland:

Since 2006 the PHIN Capital Group has participated in the preparation and implementation of many EU-financed projects, successfuly gained for our clients over 200 milion euros.

We participated in projects, such as:

Development of the tram Network in Torun in years 2007-2013 from Regional Development Programme for Kujavsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, the total value of the project was over 21.6 miliion euros.

Construction of IT Center at the University of Technology in Lodz from Operative Programme Infrastructure and Envoirment in years 2007-2013. The total value of projects was over 10 milion euros.

Metropolitan Network Access of Broadband Internet of city of Lodz from the Regional Programme of Lodz Voivodeship for years 2007-2013, the total value of projects was over 11 milion euros.

Improving the thermal efficiency of public schools in city of Lodz from the Regional Operative Programme of Lodz Voivodeship for years 2007-2013. The total value of project was over 4 milion euros.

Project manager for the investment entitled: Improvement of the Grant Theater in Lodz. The total value of the Project was over 14 milion euros.

Financial Management for the Project entitled: Center for Folklore and accomodations to adept ancient Inn stables Polish Mazowsze. Total value of project was 19.5 milion euros

Management construction site for the project entitled: Building sanitary sewer and wastewater treatment plant  from crowding Sierakowice. The total value of the investment was  6 785 116 euros

Engineer contracted for the project entitled: Modernization and expansion of water supply – Part II together with modernization and extension of municipal sewer. The total value of investment was 6 milion euros


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